A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Always seeking for saving life, your uncle developed to far the art of alchemy. Now he created an army of ghost it’s time to stop him!

Take your revolver and your path on the cellar of your family’s house. Avoid getting bite by the ghosts, find the bomb, make everything explode before it’s too late.

Early access game: This game is provided at an early stage (currently before alpha), this is a demo version. The content is not final and the gameplay may evolve.

Default controls:

w / z
Move forward
sMove backward
a / q
Strafe left
dStrafe right
eUse object
left-clickFire / dialogue: Next sentence

Download demo

TheGhostAlchemy Windows DEMO 195 MB
Version 5
TheGhostAlchemy GNU/Linux DEMO 196 MB
Version 4

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